Courtesy Patrol vs Private Security

1. On Duty vs. Off Duty Mentality: Law enforcement officers serve our communities in ways that often go unseen. They are the lifeblood of what keeps our streets safe. However, just like anyone getting off a long day at work, their focus is on taking care of the homefront. Although they are still legally obligated to perform and execute their duties when called upon, their off duty time is meant to provide the relaxation and mental reset necessary to tackle the next shift. What many property managers have found is that private security agencies provide a level of service unmatched by a courtesy patrol. When the security vehicle or guard is monitoring the site, that is their primary objective. They aren’t coming in the entrance and going straight to their unit, they are on-duty, patrolling the property and providing the presence necessary to deter crime, enforce community rules, and act as a community representative.

2. Accountability: Most quality contracted security providers have some sort of accountability mechanism to track the location of their guards while on property. These systems provide an interface that is user friendly and advanced enough to report the exact track or route a guard took while patrolling your property. These mechanisms can prevent guards from kicking their feet up and staying in one spot all night. A quality security patrol covers the most amount of ground possible in order to provide a presence that deters criminal activity and sets the tone for your property! On the other hand, a courtesy patrol has zero accountability to management. Their movements are unable to be tracked by your property manager and you don’t really know how in depth they are looking at the areas you have deemed to be of critical importance. The guard accountability systems mentioned above act as a forcing function for guards to check these areas each and every day. Plus, you don’t have to take their word for it. These areas can be marked by a QR code that is scanned and reported to both the security agency management and the property manager.

3. Cost: The standard procedure for taking on a courtesy patrol officer is to offer an apartment at a discounted rate to a law enforcement officer. Not only are you outlaying funds, but you are losing a unit that could be rented at full-price. The beauty of a private security agency is that costs can be tailored to meet your budget and you still have the ability to rent that unit at the full price instead of taking money out of your budget to cover rent for a “patrol” that may or may not be happening.

Advantages of High Pressure Cleaning Services for Your Home

High-pressure water can be applied to clean surfaces that are polluted by dirt and pollution. High pressure washer uses less water to remove stubborn stains. Safe chemicals and bleaches are used with water. With high pressure water cleaning, it becomes an extremely easy task to clean up fences, driveways, doors, roofs, tiles, pathways, decks, windows and room furniture.

These kind of cleaning services are easily available in every residential and commercial area. But what are the features of a good cleaning service? I will guide you. A good pressure cleaning service must provide professional service for both commercial and residential purposes. It can help you in many ways. Those people who have offline businesses must use pressure cleaning services two times in a year.

This service can also help you take care of your belongings. It can help you avoid home re-modeling for cleaning purposes. If you take the help of a professional pressure cleaning service, your home and related property will seem new for years.

This service can be used for:

Home Roofs

Driveways /pathways


Screen Enclosures

High pressure cleaning is required once in a year for your home. These services come with different packages. Safe chemicals and other treatments are used to ensure the safety and beauty of your home and other possessions.

Commercial pressure cleaning includes the cleaning of restaurants, hospitals, parking garages, industrial parks, gas stations, boats, ships, aircraft and other heavy equipments.

But how will you choose the best cleaning service for your business? Here are some tips to help you:

Decide what you want to do? Do you want pressure cleaning for your home or your office? Both places are different and cleaning company will use a different approach to provide the service. Home cleaning is often cheaper as compared to office cleaning.

Decide your budget. What is your budget? 500 dollars or less. You must decide it.

It is important to make a phone call. Call the cleaning company and book an appointment. Let them come and check. Most companies offer free consulting, so that they can take a look at the place. Once they have done it, they will tell you about their service and cost. Then, you can make your decision.

High Pressure Cleaning at your home

Well! You can do it at your home. It is cost-effective. You will have to buy some equipments. If you have a garden or you have to do lawn cleaning everyday, then a pressure washer will work a thousand times better than traditional washing methods. It will save your precious time and the lawn/garden or your car will look better than ever before.

How to Find the Perfect Property Manager

Whether you’re leasing one property or a high-rise full of condos, getting the right property manager on board saves you time, stress and cash in the long run. However, it’s pretty easy for just about anyone to call themselves a property manager even when they have zero experience-and that might set you up not just for headaches, but potentially lawsuits. You’re the property owner, so it’s your responsibility to follow the rules and keep your tenants safe. Your property manager is the middle man, and you depend on them wholly to keep things in order.

The situation is made even tougher if you’re a landlord who’s not in the same region as your leased property. From screening renters and collecting rent to handyman work to ensuring lease agreements are upheld, there’s a lot on a property manager’s plate. Here are tips on how to hire right the first time, so you can sit back and watch that passive income roll in. A great property manager makes your life and your business a breeze.

References aren’t Just for Looks

Request references and actually follow-up on them when you narrow down your hiring pool. Preferably, these references will be from reputable management companies. Cross check the phone numbers you’re given to make sure they’re connected to a real business. Everyone has to start somewhere, but it’s not wise to trust an inexperienced newbie with something as important as your property.

If you really want to slim things down, ask for letters of recommendation, too. Property managers will be asked to do a lot of things, and if someone wants the job they’ll comply with simple requests. If they can’t drum up a written recommendation, that may mean either they don’t have one (bad news) or they can’t be bothered to get one (also bad news). It’s still an employer’s market, so this is your time to cherry pick property management firm candidates.

Match Experiences

If you simply plan to lease a residential home now that you’ve downsized in retirement, it’s best to hire a property manager with experience in that kind of property. Someone who’s only worked in apartment communities isn’t going to have the experience necessary for such a drastic change. This is why picking the right person is such an essential part of the process.

If at all possible meet with them in person, but of course that can be challenging if you’re hiring from a different city, state or country. You’re trusting this person, and ideally you’ll “click” with them on a professional level. If you’re not comfortable with them in an interview, maybe your gut is telling you something’s amiss. And don’t forget to check Google and Yelp reviews.

Play It Safe

Want to make sure the absolute best match and avoid endless sorting through resumes, checking references and time wasting interviews? Go with a reputable property management company-it’s their business to take care of your property and their managers are skilled, knowledgeable and have already proven themselves. What more could you ask for (besides a 100 percent filled property, of course)?

Albert Westbrook writes about topics of interest to the general public, consumers and small businesses.